Makeup for Beginners: 6 Essential Tips to Get Started Rocking


Do you watch makeup tutorials on the internet and dream about the looks? See beautiful makes on social networks and wonder how to reproduce at home? It was thinking of you that we made this text with six makeup tips for beginners !

Here, you will discover what is essential in the makeup kit for beginners and also what are the basic techniques that you need to know to take your first steps already rocking this new world.


Makeup kit for beginners: what to buy?

If you’re thinking about starting to venture into the world of makeup, you ‘ve certainly wondered what you need to build a makeup kit . Below we will list which makeups to buy for beginners to form a basic makeup kit.

Facial moisturizer

You may find it strange to see facial moisturizer in this list, but this skin care product is essential to use before starting makeup to ensure a more beautiful appearance on the skin .


The use of sunscreen is essential , whether with or without makeup. To protect your skin from the sun’s rays and prevent premature aging, this product is indispensable. And, if you enjoy a very natural skin, you can choose to use a BB Cream and, in this case, you can do without the foundation. 

Base and concealer

If you don’t want or can’t spend a lot on your starter makeup kit and need to prioritize some items, prefer these two items . Get the best foundation and concealer you can, as it ‘s the skin’s finish that dictates the quality of the makeup .

One of our top tips for choosing the perfect foundation is to test it by putting a little product on your jaw. It should disappear completely, without looking lighter or darker than your skin.

face powder

You can buy your face powder in a compact or loose version, the important thing is that it is the exact color of your skin. If you can’t find it, you can opt for the translucent version, which will finish off the skin without adding color.


A shade of blush is enough to get you started . One of the coolest makeup tips is to buy a pink or coral blush (try to see which one matches your skin tone best) and a bronzer, so you can create different look proposals.


You don’t need to invest in a very large variety of shadow at first, as you’re still learning. Prefer neutral tones such as brown, black and pearl beige to learn the first techniques.


An eyeshadow palette with these shades is versatile, goes with every occasion, and is a great investment for your beginner’s makeup kit.

Mascara to eyelashes

An eyelash mask is enough. You can choose which effect you find most interesting for and get a specific mask. The main ones are: volume, lengthening of the threads and curvature.


Most likely, in the beginning you won’t be able to handle a classic liquid eyeliner very well . For this reason, we recommend that you start by purchasing the pencil, pen or gel versions , which are generally considered easier to apply.


For lipstick there are no limits. Choose the type of lipstick and their colors that most enhance your lips.


Buy a basic brush kit , with eyeshadow brush, blush, powder and eyeliner or those you think are most necessary. For example, some blushes come with a brush, the same happens with some eyeshadow palettes and the pen eyeliner is itself the applicator. In these cases, you can choose to use the applicators that come with the products and gradually invest in brushes and sponges.


makeup remover

Finally, the last item in the makeup kit for beginners is makeup remover. It is very important to remove makeup before bed to maintain the health and good appearance of your skin, which, otherwise, can end up with clogged pores, acne and even aging faster.

Makeup Tips for Beginners

Now that you know what makeup to buy for beginners, let’s get to the tips. We know that taking the first ones on a new path is almost never easy, because we tend to get lost, not knowing what to do or where to start. And it’s to give you some light that we’ve listed these recommendations on how to make a simple makeup.

1. Choose the correct base

The first of our makeup tips for beginners is how to choose the right foundation. This is one of the most important missions when buying makeup and also one of the most confusing.

To discover its color, there is no way, it is necessary to test it . No more applying the foundation on the back of your hands, on the inside of your arms or on your neck. The right region for testing is the side of the mandible .

Apply foundation in this region and wait for it to dry. If it blends with your skin, it’s the right shade for you . But if you can still see the edges, it’s because this shade is too light or too dark for your skin.

In addition to being careful with the color, it is important to observe the level of coverage that the base provides and its finish . Lighter cover bases and natural finish are the most suitable for those who are just starting out. Now, if your skin tends to excess oil, it is best to opt for a matte foundation.

2. Know how not to make mistakes in the shade 

One of the most valuable makeup tips for beginners is the correct way to apply eyeshadow. Start by making a basic markup , applying the lightest shadow to the inner corners of the eyes and the darkest to the outer corners, smudging well at the junction of the two colors for a subtle transition.

If you still smudge the outer corners a lot, tape diagonally from the outer corner of the eye to the brow before applying eyeshadows and then remove. Ah, this trick can also be handy when it comes to getting the perfect outline.


3. Learn to mark the concave

Finding and marking the eye concave with shadow is one of the first eye makeup techniques you need to learn. This technique helps to add depth and enhances the look .

To do this — and, in the future, venture into more advanced techniques such as cut crease— the first step is to find the concave. It is that region of the eyes between the eyebrow bone and the eyeball (as you can see in the image above). You can feel this space when you place your finger over your eyelid. This is where the shadow should be applied.

Use a shade that’s not much darker than your natural skin tone and a small brush (no bigger than the concave space) and really fluffy. To mark the concave, just apply the shadow following your bone . Start at the outer corner of the eyes and work towards the inner corner.

And, for extra charm, if you want to create a point of light, just apply a light shadow in the inner corner of the eye, completing the makeup.

Oh, and if you are looking for a good makeup tutorial for beginners , we recommend this video above that teaches you how to find and mark the concave.

4. Use the right eyelash mask for you

There is a huge variety of masks for eyelashes, from those that provide more volume to those that contribute to the impression of longer and curved strands. Choosing the right type will allow you to actually get the lashes you want .


The masks that have a common applicator and volume effect are perfect for those who like a lot of drama in production . They deposit more pigment on the eyelashes and thus guarantee a more expressive effect when looking.

The ones that have a silicone brush and more separated bristles guarantee maximum precision. They are recommended for those who are not yet very skilled with the mask and also for those who want a more natural effect , efficiently stretching and separating the strands, without forming lumps.

5. Fix your eyebrows naturally

The secret of the wonderful eyebrows of the famous is the correction and filling of flaws with makeup. And one of the best makeup tips for beginners is that often this correction alone is responsible for a beautiful difference in the look , dispensing with very elaborate productions to make the look prettier.

To make the correction without leaving the look with an artificial aspect, it is necessary to find products for eyebrows with the exact shade of your hair . It can be pencil, eyeliner, eyeshadow or whatever you prefer.

The basic step-by-step is, as you can see in the makeup tutorial for beginners above, to draw strands over the eyebrow flaws and then just blur the lines to make the lines more natural.

6. Put on lipstick perfectly 

Lip enhancement is one of the first simple makeup techniques for beginners to learn. Putting on lipstick, apparently, is no secret, right? However, there are some makeup tips that help you achieve the perfect result and give more durability to the color on the lips.


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