Contact lenses are practical and allow you to hide your visual defects in the eyes of others.

On the other hand, for those who wish to make up with lenses, this is sometimes an obstacle course.

So, how can you feel beautiful and completely free with contact lenses?

For this, we offer you some tips and recommendations to feel comfortable with your lenses and not take any risks. 






To put on makeup
  • Make up your eyes after putting on your contact lenses to avoid any makeup residue on your lenses during installation.
  • Opt for hypoallergenic, non-greasy and fragrance-free products to prevent irritation and itching.
  • Use waterproof makeup for applying mascara, black pencil and eyeliner. This will prevent any makeup from flowing if you have runny eyes.
  • Apply your black pencil and eyeliner on the outside of the mucous membranes to avoid contact with the contact lens which could irritate your eyes.
  • To apply mascara, start with the ends.
  • Use a compact powder and apply it while keeping the eyes closed and avoiding the eye area.
  • Change your makeup regularly to avoid eye infections.
  • Don’t share your makeup.
  • Do not wear your lenses or apply makeup near the eyes if the eyes are swollen, red, or itchy.
Remove makeup
  • Remove your lenses before removing makeup.
  • Remember to remove your makeup well so as not to leave a residue that could irritate your eyes.

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