How to wear heeled boots this winter?

Do you want to gain a few inches of legs while keeping your calves warm? No problem ! All you need to do is put on a nice pair of heeled boots. Black or colored, round toe or pointed drink, smooth or textured, rock or vintage … There are all kinds and all colors. To help you choose, you can count on our good advice.

By Akash Burman

Heeled boots are back in great shape this winter 20-21 to lengthen our figure and style our favorite winter outfits. Black or colored, in leather or suede, minimalist or fancy, crocodile textures and leopard patterns … There are high boots for all styles.

To help you choose among all these pretty models of boots , we have concocted a small shopping selection of the most beautiful high boots of the moment and prepared a small guide, to adopt them with class and distinction this winter. Can we tell you more?

1) What is the difference between heeled and over the knee boots?

Heeled boots and over the knee boots are both very fashionable this winter. They are both rising, perched on heels and cover our legs. But then what is it that differentiates them? Well, quite simply the height at which they stop.

If your shoes are below your knees, they are high boots and if they go beyond your knees and rather go up on the thigh … they are over the knee boots !

2) Which heeled boots to choose this winter?

In terms of styles, you are going to be spoiled for choice this season : there are boots with low heels, mid heels and high heels. Everything will therefore depend on your balancing heels. In terms of styles, you can count on beautiful falsely vintage boots in brown or camel, with buckle straps or crocodile textures for example.

The high black boots are chameleons of style par excellence : they can be worn with absolutely everything and can take on a retro, classic, rock’n’roll or cavalier look depending on the look you wear.

In terms of colors, the big winners are brown, cognac , camel , burgundy , dark navy blue and of course, black. But rest assured: if you like animal prints , you will be able to treat yourself with leopard pattern boots


Smooth, textured, crocodile style, with curls … there is something for every style


3) With what to wear heeled boots?

With heeled boots, you have several options. For example, you can wear them …

  • Over jeans or pants : to avoid excess fabric thickness, we advise you to opt for slim or even skinny jeans, tight-fitting pants or thick leggings. For example, you can wear them over leather pants or dark blue jeans, with a long coat , a pea coat or a cape for example.
  • With a dress or a short skirt : it is an ideal option to highlight your legs. Please have a thick sticky enough to protect you from the cold, put on a pretty dress ( black dress , floral dress , white dress …) or a little skirt ( skirt leather , suede skirt pleated …) and here is the work!
  • With shorts : and yes, wool or flannel shorts are your best ally to show off your heeled boots. Opt for thick but relatively transparent denier tights (so as not to “cut” the leg), put on your shorts, a nice knitted sweater or a top with a blazer jacket and here is the job.
  • With a long dress : for an outfit straight from the 70s , you can count on the long dress + heeled boots combo . Whether floral, velvet, sequins or suede, the long dress will be ideal for concocting a bohemian style. The faux fur coat can be optional.



They go with everything and for any occasion


Heeled boots hold no secrets for you: all you have to do is choose your pair of heeled boots and enjoy the joys of winter!

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