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How to find the best moustache and beard styles according to your face

Tips for choosing the right moustache or the best beard for your face shape.

What is wonderful about the abundance of hair on the male body is that there are a lot of ways to change your style. It could mean a hairstyle change, a new beard, or – ahem – just cleaning up all that hair on your body. The important thing is to find a grooming routine that works with what you have, either choosing a haircut that works with your natural sense of style or the right moustache or beard depending on your face shape. Let’s start with the latter.

How to find good beard styles according to your face

Choosing a good beard style can be difficult, especially if you’ve never experimented much in the past. Your first step is to look at your face and determine what shape it has: is it round, oval, square, rectangular, triangular (i.e. the jaw is wider than the forehead) or heart shape (the opposite of triangular)? There is no magical thinking here: get to know yourself, then get to know your beard. 

Once you’ve found that, it’s time to choose between the best beard styles for your face shape:

Beards for round faces

The round face is broken up by beards and goatees which add length or definition. The stiletto beard (full, but with a tip) and Van Dyck are both good options.

Beards for oval faces

Congratulations you have won the face shaped lottery: just about any style is suitable for an oval shaped face. Stay away from pointy beards, like the stiletto, which can throw your face off balance.

Beards for square faces

A square, clean jaw is the envy of everyone, so we won’t be surprised if you want to show it off with a close shave, or one of the more sculpted goatees (beard collar, fly, etc.). Full beard, stiletto beard, sloppy beard, and three day beard are also good beard styles for this face shape. That said, keep your beard nicely rounded at the jawline or pointed: you can be chiseled too much.

Beards for rectangular faces

You want to avoid lengthening your face, so avoid long beards that end in a point. Instead, try eye-catching beards and goatees, like Van Dyck or Balbo beards.

Beards for heart-shaped faces

It’s cute. The heart-shaped face requires a beard which adds more weight to your jawline. Short or full beards are therefore good options, but a good layer of neglected beard can give you the best with less commitment.

Beards for triangular faces

The reverse problem. Here you’ll want to add as little weight to your jawline as possible, so close-cropped styles are a good solution. Try to maintain a branded three-day beard with a moustache (optional) to add character.

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