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How to clean a mascara wand?

How to clean a mascara wand?



Imagine: you bought a really good mascara . Not long ago. On the other hand, after two months, you no longer support lumps? Well you can throw away that (still perfectly good) mascara or … you can clean it up quickly. “How do I clean a mascara wand?” – you ask yourself. Let me guide you.

Save money and 

to preserve the environment


Many of us these days have too much fun exploring the possibilities. By the various beauty products, and this pleasure comes with expenses.

Buy a new waterproof mascara , a new eye shadow or a new lipstick. While your current product is still in perfect condition can prove to be very costly in the long run. It always makes sense to stay economical, plus it’s better for the environment. In addition, you must also take responsibility. To take care of your beauty products and your cosmetic tools.

In this article, let me highlight the easy ways. To maintain and extend the life of a beauty essential. The mascara wand.

Is she sure?

Some people wonder if volume mascara wands  should be preserved and maintained. For prolonged periods of time, but it’s okay to do it, as long as you do it right. If you leave your mascara wand uncleaned. You will leave unwanted mascara residue and damage the fibers of the wand.

Just follow these few tips. So that using the mascara wand becomes an easy and smooth makeup experience.

How to clean 

a mascara wand


Step 1: Use a paper towel to remove the clumps on your wand.


It’s a fairly straightforward process that shouldn’t take you too long. It’s always a good idea to check your mascara wand regularly. Once a week, if there are clumps that could compromise the integrity of the wand.

Dried mascara clumps can really affect the precision and accuracy of mascara application. To get rid of these clumps, just grab the hairs with a paper towel. Then gently shake the wand back and forth in half turns. This process makes it possible to completely get rid of the annoying clumps.

Another advantage of this process is that it makes it possible to remove the hairs from the rod.

Step 2: Soak your mascara wand in hot water to remove residue.


Another important thing that you should be careful of in mascara wands. This is because there are product remains from previous uses. If you wipe it off with  a paper towel , you may be able to remove some of it. On the other hand, if you let it soak in hot water. You will certainly succeed. Just put hot water. In a small glass and make sure that the water is not boiling. To avoid damaging the plastic of the wand.

Leave the brush in the cup and let it soak for about 5 minutes. During this time, the brush should start to release the clumps of its bristles in a natural way.

The water may change color and take on darker tones, which is normal. After this process you will see. That the bristles of your mascara brush are softer and more manageable for later use.

Step 3. Soak your mascara wand in isopropyl alcohol to sanitize it.


When it comes to your face, you always want to play it safe. You must therefore make sure that your beauty products and tools are always clean and disinfected.

After dipping the transparent mascara wand  in hot water. It’s time to disinfect it and make sure it’s germ-free by soaking it. In alcohol for about a minute. The process is fairly straightforward and there is no need to boil the alcohol at this point.

While you dip your mascara wand. You may notice that some residue from previous uses still comes off, even at this point in the cleaning process. That’s why it’s always important to be thorough.

Step 4: Clean the plastic handle of your wand with 

a cotton swab.


The small plastic handle at the end of the mascara wand. It is still likely to contain residues from previous uses.

All of this residue can build up over time and compromise the cleanliness and effectiveness of your mascara. To solve this problem, just use a regular cotton swab and dab the handle openings. Until you are satisfied with its cleanliness.

You will know the handle is clean when you turn it. To close the mascara container will become a smooth and smooth process.

Step 5: Dry the bristles of your wand with a towel 

and paper.


After you have soaked your mascara wand in hot water and alcohol, and after cleaning its handle. With a cotton swab, your next action is to dry the hairs on your wand.

Just pat them dry on a dry paper towel. Before using them again or putting them back in their container.

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