Eyelash extensions: application materials and maintenance

Eyelash extension is the technique used to achieve penetrating looks, improving the length, curvature, quantity and thickness of your natural eyelashes. It is therefore ideal for giving volume to your eyelashes and highlighting your eyes.

It is made from different materials, mainly synthetic and silk. There are also several application techniques and various logical results.


A beauty trend

The use of eyelash extensions is one of the fastest growing beauty trends in recent years. Highlight your eyes, forget about masks and those 24 hours of makeup.


Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent. They can be used indefinitely as long as you make a correct diagnosis of the natural eyelashes so as not to put on weight with the extensions.


What are the advantages of eyelash extensions?

Without a doubt, one of the main effects of extensions is that they manage to lengthen the look. Moreover, since they are made with natural hair or very successful materials, the results are completely different. Well-placed extensions can go perfectly for clean eyelashes.


This is something that does not happen with false eyelashes, which make you feel much more artificial. Indeed, they are distributed in a more mechanical way, without adapting to the eyelid of each one.


Other reasons to use eyelash extensions

To many, it may seem crazy that there are people addicted to eyelash extensions. The truth is, strange as it sounds, those who use them claim that it has changed their lives.


How is it possible ? Just as many cannot leave the house without applying mascara, with eyelash extensions it is the same, only much better.

To prove it, here is a list of reasons to finally dare to take advantage of all its advantages:

  • Waking up in the morning and looking at yourself in the mirror is no longer a moment of dread: For some strange reason, it doesn’t matter how haggard, tired, or sleepy you look, extensions make your eyes look fresh and totally feminine. .

  • You can say goodbye to eyelash curlers and mascara: There is no need to use them anymore thanks to the extensions natural curvature and density. Even if you try to wear makeup on them one day, you may end up feeling like they’re wearing too much makeup.

  • The time you spend on makeup is drastically reduced: If you wear eyeliner every day, you don’t have to. All you need is a little concealer, some blush and you’re good to go!

  • You get attention: People will notice something about you, but they won’t know exactly what it is. And when you tell them, they won’t believe it. They ensure that you will receive a lot of good comments.

  • Looks like you’re always dressed well: It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a drop of makeup, extensions make you feel like a pro at applying mascara to perfection.

  • You Look Happy: Whether it’s because you love the way you look or because of compliments from people, eyelash extensions lift your spirits for good. And when you feel good, you look good.

  • You force yourself to pamper yourself: Maintenance sessions can take place every one, two or three weeks, depending on how much attention you pay to them.


What are the materials used ?

It is very important to use quality materials and correct technique for applying them.

For extensions, hair, hypoallergenic surgical glue, primer, sealant, protective patches, and tweezers are used to place the extension on the natural lash.


It is necessary to opt for a surgical glue which does not normally cause allergic reactions. In the rare cases that occur or if you are not sure whether it can cause an allergic reaction, you should go to a center that guarantees their removal in the event of a negative reaction.


Differences between false eyelashes and extensions

You should also know the difference between the two. Moreover, it is very easy to differentiate them. False eyelashes range hair by hair to full strip and are used for a special occasion. You can remove them yourself or they remove themselves.

On the other hand, extensions are semi-permanent and last for about a month.


How to maintain them after application?

Sometimes, out of habit, mascara is applied unnecessarily to the extensions. Which can cause the glue and mascara to stick and damage the natural eyelashes when you take them off.


After placement or maintenance, you should take care of the following:

  • Do not expose them to water for the first 24 hours.

  • Do not rub your eyes

  • Do not use creams

  • Do not use oils

  • Do not use makeup remover

  • Do not use mascara

  • Brush them daily with an eyelash brush.

  • Never try to remove them by yourself.

If you want to remove them, ask your esthetician to do it with the right products and the right techniques.


For your daily care, you should spend 3 to 5 minutes, which increases if they fall during the night. They should always be washed with brushes from top to bottom, rubbing the eyelash without fear but without pulling it because it can be lost. Then rinse them with hot water and cotton pads.


Extensions usually last 3 to 5 weeks. And although they can last anywhere between 2-3 months if proper maintenance is done. It is essential to do a touch-up 15 to 20 days after the first application.

The technique will consist of placing new eyelash extensions in the interstices where they fell on their own.

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