Difference between jewellery and jewellery

By : Akash Burman

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Difference between jewelry and jewelry

Jewellery and jewellery, the differences to discover

If there are crafts that make you dream and illuminate the eyes, jewellery and jewellery are certainly among them. Their common goal is to offer adornments that will enhance those who wear them. Close, sometimes complementary, these sectors nevertheless have their own specificities. 




Jewellery, from excellence to fantasy

The jeweller has several strings to his bow. This craftsman masters the art of working precious metals such as gold and its alloys but also platinum, palladium, rhodium and even silver. In addition to the materials that it is brought to use copper, nickel, brass or bronze, considered as semi-precious. When the jewel is adorned with precious stones, they arrive at the workshop previously calibrated. They thus find their place more easily on the supports which are intended for them and which they come to enhance their brilliance. 

If the jeweller can create and fashion unique pieces, it is clear that he often devotes a significant part of his time to selling items that he has not made himself. In the windows of his jewellery store are then rings, bracelets and other pendants standardised and produced in series. Appeared at the end of the Roaring Twenties, costume jewellery occupies a special place. Interchangeable, according to the whims of fashion and inexpensive, they have no other limits than those of the imagination of their creator. But you will understand, it is of course no longer a question of stones or precious metals.


Jewellery, a multifaceted art

From the outline of a sketch to the realisation of a creation , all of the jeweller’s activity focuses on the selection and enhancement of stones and pearls. Whether they are precious stones (diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires), or semi-precious or semi-precious stones (a wide category which includes in particular amethyst, topaz or even aquamarine), they are all individually hand cut by the lapidary. 

From mol-ding to folding, from filing to setting, the jeweller works metals such as gold, platinum or silver and assembles the stones to make them real gems. He makes clasps, rings or chains and has no other project than to allow the full expression of the different gems and bring out all their beauty. Unlike what we see in jewellery, the emphasis here is much more on the treatment of the stone than on that of its support. At Van Hoye, we know that every gem is unique and as such deserves to be treated as such. Attentive to your requests and your tastes, we will be able to assist you in choosing a remarkable, rare and personalised piece of jewellery.


From jewellery to fine jewellery

Art of excellence and refinement, fine jewellery is at the height of demand. It is defined by the use of very valuable stones and metals. In addition, there are exceptional know-how and innovative technical prowess, among which we can cite, for example, the creation of a totally invisible setting. These jewels generally accompany special occasions and are loaned by prestigious brands to the most prominent personalities of the moment. However, we can bet that once the ceremony is over and the spotlights are extinguished, it will not take long for them to return to their safe.

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