Common myths about tattoos

By Akash Burman

Tattoos are popular among young people and mature people, rich and not so. But so far, tattoos have an ambiguous reputation and are shrouded in myths that completely or partially do not correspond to reality.

It really, really hurts …

Is it true? The level of pain depends on the choice of the place for applying the image, individual sensitivity to pain, the ability to abstract from the procedure. You can reduce pain with the help of pain relievers, meditation. There is also a tattoo myth that the most painful is the application of white ink. But this is not the case. It’s just that white ink is applied last to already damaged skin, so it seems to be the most painful to apply.

It is expensive

The cost of a tattoo depends on its size, the complexity of the sketch. And if you want the master to fully embody your wishes, then you should contact only experienced professionals, whose time is not cheap. But the tattoo stays with you for life, so you shouldn’t save on its quality.

Stuffing tattoos over scars is dangerous.

If a year has passed since the appearance of the scar, and you turned to a real professional, then there is no danger and the color tattoo will not lose its color intensity over time.


The tattoo machine has one needle

There are several needles in the machine, their number is odd. The larger the area that needs to be painted over with one color, the more needles are used.

Person Using Tattoo Machine

Tattoos – for ex-prisoners

In the criminal world, of course, there is a wide range of tattoo designs that have a specific meaning. But today wearable images are popular among a wide range of people who want to stand out from the crowd, show their individuality.

It’s impossible to get a job with a tattoo

In some cases, this statement is true. For example, law enforcement agencies have a negative attitude towards tattoos, especially if they are located on open areas of the body. But in many companies, tattoos, especially beautiful ones, are accepted by employers quite loyally. Sometimes company managers ask to hide underwear patterns under clothes, and not to make new ones in open places.

From above of faceless tattooist in blue gloves applying tree tattoo with ink and professional machine on leg of anonymous client in salon


Believers are prohibited from tattooing

In the Holy Scriptures, there is only one prohibition – not to carve images and names of gods of another faith on the skin.

The more ointment you apply, the faster the tattooed area heals.

The ointment must be applied in moderation. An excess of it leads to difficulty in breathing the skin, which causes inflammation of the place on which the tattoo is applied. Too rare use of the ointment provokes dryness and cracking of the skin.

Chlorinated water causes color loss

The pigment with the help of a needle penetrates into the inner layers of the skin, where there is no access to chlorine. Therefore, this substance cannot affect the intensity of the colors. But chlorine is dangerous for an unhealed tattoo on the other hand – it irritates the skin and can contribute to its infection.

Man in Black Shorts Running on White Concrete Wall


After applying a tattoo, you cannot be a blood donor

This statement is true for those cases when the tattoo is under a year old. In salons with a good reputation, instruments are thoroughly sterilized, disposable equipment is used, so the risk of infection is reduced to zero. But doctors prefer to play it safe.

Before going to the salon, you can take “Aspirin” or alcohol to relieve pain

Alcohol and aspirin thin the blood, which can cause excessive bleeding, problems with wound healing, and deterioration of color intensity.

It is best not to use red ink due to its fading and allergy potential.

If such statements were true in relation to the red ink used earlier, then today modern materials of any color are maximally adapted to human skin. But an allergic reaction to a specific brand of red ink is not excluded. The intensity of the red color, like others, is fully preserved if the rules for caring for the tattoo are followed.

Woman in Black Shirt Sitting on Floor


If you have a tattoo, you cannot undergo an MRI procedure due to the negative reaction of ink to radiation

Previously used materials contained a high amount of metals, including mercury. There are no metals in modern ink, so tattoos do not affect the MRI process.


Any artist can get a good tattoo

A tattoo artist must have not only artistic taste, but also skills in working with special equipment. And an artist without technical knowledge and experience can make many mistakes that will cause unsightly scars to appear.


There are not only myths about tattoos, but also very real restrictions on their application. For example, doctors may refuse an epidural during labor for a woman who has a tattoo on her lower back. This is due to the fact that particles of paint enter the epidural space, which, in combination with the anesthetic, contribute to the appearance of tumors and the development of neurological disorders.

Person With Red Rose Tattoo on Right Arm



The tattoo industry is developing very quickly. Materials, tools, equipment are constantly being improved. Therefore, when contacting a salon with a solid reputation, the client can be calm about the quality of the tattoo and the safety of the procedure.

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