7 ways to prevent back pain


While some men live happily ever after without any back pain, others are constantly tormented by this problem. Back pain can sometimes be so severe that it can affect your entire daily activity, immobilizing you in bed. Whatever their cause, it would be best to prevent them, so that you do not have to endure them by treating them with all kinds of medicines, creams and ointments. How?

1 Exercise


When a back pain strikes you, instinct tells you to lie down on the couch and have those around you become servants to reward somehow later. But this could even make things worse, especially if you lie down for more than two days.

Regular exercise reduces muscle tension and inflammation. So try to exercise for back pain . The muscles will “wake up” with a blood invasion, will relax and will not cause pain. Therefore, if your back starts to hurt, get up from the couch, put on your sports equipment and start exercising. Even a simple walk through the neighborhood can sometimes be enough to relieve your back pain.

2 Pay attention to posture

Proper body posture can sometimes save your back. Do you remember the times when you were a child and your mother hit you on the back, telling you not to stay hunched over? Older people know very well the benefits of a correct posture. Especially nowadays, when most young people are hooked and because they keep their eyes on the phone all the time.

If you have sedentary office work, your chair may be the main culprit for back pain. Try to get a seat with a straight back or one with a support for the lower back. If you spend a lot of time standing, stand up straight, with your chin up and your abdomen flat. Be careful not to adopt a hunched posture at all times.

3 Quit smoking


If you have lost your motivation to quit smoking , the fact that this helps your back may rekindle your enthusiasm. Not only does smoking have harmful effects on your health, but it can even make your back pain worse. And that’s because smoking helps to narrow blood vessels, which leads to less oxygen in the body.

A smaller amount of oxygen and nutrients that reach the spinal cord automatically causes back pain. Smoking also helps to weaken the bone system, increasing the risk of osteoporosis. Once your spinal cord is affected, you may even need an operation – a risk that smokers are much higher than non-smokers.

4 Sleep properly

The correct posture must be continued at night, not just during the day. And sleep makes an important contribution to back health. It is best to sleep on your side with a support pillow and your knees bent. If you prefer to sleep on your stomach, you can use a pillow to put on your lower abdomen to remove the pressure on your back. Also, choose, if possible, memory foam mattresses, which are strong, and do not opt ​​for soft and lumpy mattresses, which destroy your back.

5 Lift weights properly


Lifting weights incorrectly can lead to terrible back pain. There have been cases in which a simple lifting of a bag has led to hospitalization due to blockage of the spine. Older men or those who know they have spine problems should be very careful about what and how they lift.

When lifting a weight, do not arch your back and avoid bending over. You better squat, bending at the knees, then lift the object. And consider that you can push that object, instead of lifting it. You will thus avoid inappropriate movements of the spine, eliminating the risk of getting stuck in the back.

6 Watch out for shoes!

Do not rush to think that shoes are a problem only for women. Even if they do not wear high heels, men can suffer from back pain precisely because they wear an inappropriate pair of shoes. And if you have a daily life that involves a lot of walking, pay attention to what shoes you buy. Keep away from high-heeled shoes and choose those that have a sole that does not exceed 3 cm.

7 Be careful what you eat!

The phrase “you are what you eat” is never truer than when we refer to back pain. Some foods put pressure on the nervous system and automatically on the spine. Spicy and fatty foods are not friends of the back. The more such foods you eat, the more extra pounds you will gain and your spine will be under pressure. A big belly is an unfortunate idea, and your center of gravity will start to demand more and more from your lower back. Therefore, pay attention to your daily diet and choose healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits and fish.


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