7 foods that make you strong and healthy :

Let’s face it: a man can eat spinach and salmon indefinitely, to build an enviable body. But shouldn’t we take the diet to the next level? Fill your plate with cereal, berries, meat and healthy drinks, to improve your immune system, to strengthen your heart, to sharpen your mind and to get rid of the rolls on your abdomen. Here are 7 foods that make you strong and healthy :



If you still don’t know what kale is, we need to clarify: kale, also known as “peasant cabbage”, comes from northern Europe (especially Scandinavia) and is the descendant of the wild cabbage of old. It has a sweet aroma and a high content of iron, vitamins A and C, potassium and calcium.

It is full of carotenoids, such as beta-carotene and lutein, which studies say have major effects against spots that form on various organs, but also several types of cancer, including lung and oral cancer. The suggestion is that if you add kale to the salad, keep its vitamin C intake by avoiding cutting it into small pieces.



Kefir is an improved yogurt, obtained by introducing kefir granules into cow’s, sheep’s or goat’s milk. In the past, kefir was prepared in bellows hanging from the door, and anyone who passed by hit them so that the granules would mix well with the milk.

Kefir contains a different range of bacteria than yogurt, but with similar benefits, including lowering cholesterol and increasing immunity. A recent study found that it has a better effect than fruit juices and other dairy drinks, while also being a product that cuts hunger. In the morning you can easily replace the kefir smoothie.

Rooibos tea


Think of rooibos as the new green tea, even if it is red and is made from a root, then put together with other phytochemicals, with antioxidant properties. A Japanese study found that roobos tea prevents allergies and fights cancer. Rooibos is also a pleasant-tasting energizer, which is consumed in the morning and during the day, avoiding consumption in the evening, precisely because of its energizing properties. It has a role in cell regeneration and can always be a substitute for coffee.


agave syrup

You probably already know that tequila is made from the agave plant. What you don’t know is that the same plant works as a sweetener. Agave is made into a honey-like syrup, which sweetens twice as well as sugar, having half its calories. And another advantage: it is much easier to digest, without causing energy imbalances. Agave is also one of the few foods that do not belong to the group of dairy products, which contain bifidobacteria, necessary for better digestion. Agave syrup is also found in Romania, usually in organic pharmacies.



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The Aztecs mixed this cereal (with the aroma of nuts) with human blood, for a mix that helped them gain energy and strength. You can do about the same thing by replacing blood with kefir. Amaranth is one of the few cereals that is “complete protein”, meaning it has all eight essential amino acids.

Amaranth is also a powerful antioxidant, and studies have shown that it inhibits prostate cancer. Moreover, South Korean researchers have shown that it has a unique effect on lowering cholesterol. In our country it is also found in organic pharmacies, being a relatively cheap product.

Crocodile meat


Rich in protein and full of omega 3s, the “other white meat”, as it is called, is full of flavor and is an excellent alternative to classic steak. The taste of crocodile meat falls somewhere between chicken and rabbit, but the big problem is that you don’t find it much, being a rarity, especially on the Romanian market. And yet, a restaurant in Cluj had this delicacy on the menu, and some time ago a store in Bucharest sold frozen crocodile meat, along with other such culinary “exoticisms”. Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea for importers to focus on the gastronomic side of the crocodile, not just the leather goods and shoes.


strong and healthy clouds

Nori is known as the black shell of sushi, that seaweed extremely rich in fiber, calcium, iron and zinc. But clouds also have lignin, a compound substance that is stored in plant cell walls as well as in intercellular spaces, and which prevents the growth of tumors. You can find cloud algae leaves in exotic shops and even in supermarkets.

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