5 ways to bring out blue eyes with good eyeshadow

5 ways to bring out blue eyes with good eyesha



Blue eyes are considered to be one of the most beautiful and sought after eye colors. They are vivid, colorful and recall beautiful elements of nature, such as the ocean and the sky.

The blue eyes are impressive on their own without any makeup whatsoever. However, it’s easy for them to get overshadowed by your makeup and appear washed out, dull, or discolored. Fortunately, there are several ways you can use your makeup to your advantage. To accentuate and enhance the appearance of your blue eyes and make them stand out.

1) Use the right colors 

eye shadow


Use the correct colors of cream eye shadow . This is one of the most important ways. Also the easiest to highlight your blue eyes and help them stand out. Against a background of makeup that complements them rather than opposing them.

Eye shadows from the brown family are perfect for blue eyes. Golden, copper, peach and orange shadows are great complements to the daily makeup of a blue-eyed beauty. The warmth present in these colors helps to accentuate the appearance of blue eyes. Plus, these hues help bring out the warm golden spots that are often present. In blue eyes, but that can easily get lost in the abyss of the blue iris.

Purple is another  complementary liquid eye shadow color for blue eyes. From lavender to plum, all shades of purple can be used. To highlight blue eyes. The freshness and serenity of the color, combined with its blue nuances. Allow blue eyes to appear even bluer and brighter against purple shadow. Several beautiful shades of purple can be found in the Urban Decay eye shadow collection. Among the great shades of purple in this collection. We find Tonic, a shimmering lilac with a blue offset, and Dive Bar. A darker blue-purple color with a pink-purple shift.

2) Stay away from blue


Lots of people with blue eyes. They think it’s complementary to pair their blue eyes with blue eye makeup. Surprisingly, the opposite is true. While the association is generally a safe bet in the world of beauty. This rule does not apply to pairing blue eyes with eye  shadow  or blue eyeliner. In fact, makeup for blue eyes does not enhance blue eyes at all. On the contrary, it makes the color of the blue eyes disappear. Also makes them look less blue than bright blue makeup.

However, many blue-eyed beauties find themselves too attached to their eye shadow. Or their blue pencil to completely remove it from their makeup collection despite these warnings. If you are faced with this dilemma, try replacing your pale blue eye shadows. Or turquoise with navy blue. Darker blue hues offer less unpleasant competition. For your blue eyes and are more likely to highlight the blue color of your eyes. Rather than making it look washed out.

3) keep your makeup simple


As we have already said in this post. It is easy for eye makeup to dominate blue eyes. Blue eyes are bright on their own and add a touch of natural color and luminosity to your appearance. Applying too much or too much makeup can counteract the brightness. Also the color that blue eyes bring to your face and make it look. That your eyes and your skin are washed out.

A simple makeup application. For Eyes allows the natural beauty of your blue eyes to shine and don’t try to dominate them. Instead of using  brightly  colored eyeshadow palettes . Or dramatic and a dark or thick eyeliner, you need to tone it all down instead. Apply your eyeliner in a thin line and dust off lighter colored eye shadows. Your gorgeous blue eyes will thank you for letting their natural beauty take over. On stage and keeping your makeup from stealing the show.

4) Don’t forget to put 

in evidence


Blue eyes can benefit a lot from highlighting. Lightly highlighting around the eyes can create a frame that highlights them enough without using dark eyeliner. Highlighting can also help brighten blue eyes. Also to prevent them from appearing too frozen or too cold.

To bring out your blue eyes, apply highlighter on the brow bone. Just below the eyebrows and in the inner corners of the eyes. To create a natural glow that brightens and accentuates your blue eyes. Make sure the highlighter you are using is shimmering, not sparkly. To prevent highlighting your eyes from looking unnatural or too harsh. Additionally, you should go for a champagne shade. Or neutral pearl rather than a pink or gold shade to create a more natural look. That blends in with the look of your skin.

5) Nix Bottom eyeliner


Most amazing with blue eyes. This is because they remind all who see them of  the beauty  and awe-inspiring nature of the water and the sky. Due to this reality, the size of blue eyes is an important part of their beauty. Big, wide blue eyes are much more related to the giant deep sea. As from the sky as the little blue eyes. Large blue eyes also appear brighter, and their blue tint is more noticeable. However, not everyone is naturally born with large blue eyes. Fortunately, you can easily create an illusion. That makes your blue eyes appear much larger than they actually are.

Just stop wearing eyeliner at the bottom of the eye; wear it only on the upper lash line and the top edge of the eye instead. Many people believe that not wearing eyeliner at the bottom of your eye can make your eyes disappear in your frameless face to make them stand out. However, blue eyes usually do not suffer from this problem when not paired with the bottom eyeliner as their color intensifies their appearance without help. If you don’t apply the bottom eyeliner during your daily makeup, your blue eyes can look bigger, brighter, and more open.

Last word


Blue eyes are gorgeous, anything. It is a gorgeous color for the eyes and any beauty. Who has blue eyes is lucky to have them. However, by following the tips mentioned above. You can highlight your blue eyes using only your makeup. For the eyes so that they look bigger, brighter and even more beautiful than they are naturally.

And here are some great makeup ideas for blue eyes. Hope you like these ideas, and let us know which one you like to try.

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