5 reasons why everyone wants to live in an attic


Let’s start with the basics … What is an attic ?

A penthouse is an apartment that is located on the top floor of a building and has the best view of all other units, precisely because it is higher.

Some complexes today have more penthouses on the upper floors of the building. Basically, the idea of ​​living in an attic was born during the Roaring Twenties in America, following the economic growth that led to a construction boom.

Hence, it was the strong demand for living in luxury apartments located on the upper floors of buildings that generated the development of this very interesting example of building architecture.


Choosing your home is anything but simple. 

In fact, come to think of it, we spend a large part of our lives making difficult decisions, such as choosing a career, building a family, and ultimately finding a property that meets our expectations. After all, we always want the best for ourselves and for those we love.

Therefore, when choosing a property, there are several factors that must be taken into consideration. These include the location, size and price. Choosing to live in an attic is an option with many advantages over other types of properties.



Not only for “peperoni” 

An attic is not necessarily for the “few”. There are also often many attics , with all the characteristics of an attic , at significantly lower costs.

And, contrary to what some think, the beauty of living in an attic is far from wanting to highlight a patrimonial status. In fact, among the privileges of living in an attic there are many other things.



The attic , first of all, is very bright, moreover, the presence of a terrace which is larger allows it to provide more opportunities for recreation. Swimming pools, hanging gardens … Someone even set up tennis courts! 

Another valid advantage provided by living in an attic is given by its panoramic view that it can offer. In addition to this, it must also be considered that the climate of an attic in the mid-seasons will always be particularly pleasant. Therefore, let’s see some reasons why living in an attic turns out to be beautiful: 





# 1.      Nobody overhead

Since the attic is the apartment that closes a building, you may be lucky enough not to have to hear any noise coming from an apartment above us. Undoubtedly a nice advantage.


#2.      Space

Choosing to live in an attic means to fully enjoy the breadth of outdoor spaces. Not for nothing, one of the inevitable characteristics that distinguish an attic , is properly given by the size of its terrace. Thanks to this, fantastic barbecues, incredible parties and unforgettable lunches and dinners can be organized. Did you know that some penthouses even have a “garden roof” or a roof garden? 



# 3.    Light, light and more light 

No city house can ever be as bright as a gorgeous penthouse . Located on the top floor of a building, it will provide light and warmth even during the winter. An exceptional way to give your home a warm glow even during the dark and cold winter days.


# 4.      What a view! 

Among the reasons why it is nice to live in an attic , undoubtedly, the panorama it is able to offer stands out. Not for nothing, the view that an attic can give us is truly unique and special. A panorama dominated by the roofs and the wonderful surrounding landscapes. Something that no other type of apartment can ever give us.


# 5.      The security

Finally, a penthouse offers all possible comforts such as, for example, greater security and great privacy.

Definitely not negligible elements. 


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