5 outfits that make you look better all the time


Want to be more attractive? There are clothes out there that will always make you look better (and a lot more stylish).

Through Akash Burman

What outfits to adopt to be more beautiful? The clothes really play an important role in how we are perceived by others and by ourselves. The ones we choose can be decisive when we think about our attractiveness, whether from our point of view or that of others. On the other hand, a lot of clothes can look great behind a window, but a lot less on ourselves, so sometimes we end up with looks that hurt our attractiveness instead of enhancing it. However, there are five items of clothing that no matter who wears them, will undoubtedly make you feel prettier or more attractive and may be perceived as such by others. These are infallible clothes for the perfect outfits that we always recommend and that everyone should have in their closet (on the other hand, choosing them well is essential so as not to go wrong in our attempts).

The suit

We know that the costume is a set of clothes, but the truth is that it is difficult for a man to be poorly dressed in a suit. The only way to do this is to make basic fashion mistakes, like wearing the wrong fit or choosing a model from 40 years ago, but other than that a suit gives the body a good shape it can put on. highlight the shoulders and there is something about the masculine formality that adds to its appeal. On the other hand, we can appeal to the idea that the suit stands for a businessman or a work- oriented person , and the more beautiful it is, the greater the attention.

The trench coat

In general, any coat can be a great idea for a masculine outfit. It gives that feeling of formality even if you don’t have a suit underneath, and depending on the color, it can add a lot of flair to the outfit. Nothing like clean black, but browns or dark blues can also be a key element that highlights your figure and gives you a more interesting look. In general, the trench coat works best for tall men, but short men can choose a fit that suits them well. 

The right shirt

By appropriate shirt we do not only mean a good garment with quality materials, but a shirt that can enhance our figure. For example, if we want to show the muscles of our arms, the shot of the rolled up shirt is not bad at all, if we are thin, a well-cut shirt can be enough to give shape to our body and make the outfit stand out. . Choosing a good shirt (even when it comes to a polo shirt) can be the key to a more attractive appearance. Here’s a bonus we discovered: The opposite sex seems to be attracted to Henley shirts, which makes sense because of the fit and how it shows off the torso. 

The leather jacket

There is a certain magic in the leather jacket that we don’t understand, but we don’t need to understand it. The truth is, almost all men who wear a leather jacket look good in this garment which adds to their allure, maybe because of that rebellious fashion sense or because it is synonymous. of motorcycle . The garment will be beautiful as long as we don’t use the leather too much in the rest of the outfit, as long as the fit looks good on us. If you care about the material, there are alternatives that don’t use animals to create a leather-like style.

The right shoes

Many men are careless with their shoes , thinking that they are not an important part of an outfit. However, the right shoes can take an outfit up a notch and show off our figure as soon as we arrive in a place. Here too a few well-groomed or well-thought-out sneakers fit . 

Overall, a smart way of dressing will always make you look good and make you look more attractive without much effort. 


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