5 habits to adopt to feel better about yourself

5 habits to adopt to feel better about yourself

Being good about yourself has nothing to do with weight, looks or beauty. On the contrary, it is the self-esteem that is directly related to the way one feels in his own body. You know, a woman with a figure worthy of a big model can feel like a potato if her confidence is at its lowest!

So, is it possible to feel better about yourself without changing everything? Oh yeah, and it’s even easier than you might think! You just need to be ready to add some good habits to your daily life.

Here are 5 simple and easy to adopt habits that will do you the greatest good!

1. Take care of yourself

Stop postponing your cocooning session until later! Now is the time to take the time to stop and set up a good beauty routine. Hydration, exfoliation, weekly mask, hot bath, homemade manicure … No, there is nothing superficial about it. On the contrary, taking care of yourself is proof that you respect yourself.

2. smile

Small test: Sit in front of a mirror, without smiling. Does your reflection seem bland to you? Now, without changing anything in your look, smile frankly. I guarantee that your face was illuminated at once, without miracle cream!

3. Keep a qualities journal

Keep a notebook on your nightstand. Every night (or every morning), write down 3 things you like about your physique, trying not to repeat yourself. For example :

  • my new dress fits me very well;
  • I look pretty when I make a ponytail;
  • I have soft skin.

4. Set goals

Nothing is more motivating than setting new goals to achieve. You could select a goal related to:

  • your training;
  • your diet;
  • your sleep;
  • your beauty routine;
  • etc.

The important thing will be to follow your progress closely, daily, using a notebook to record your progress.

Tip: Team up with a girlfriend. Even if your goals are different, you will be able to help and motivate each other.

5. Compliment others

Are you the type to judge, even in silence, the physique of the people you meet? There is no shame in being … Since now is the time to change!

I offer you a little challenge that could make all the difference: each day, compliments 3 different people. As you seek our beautiful things in others, you will come to do the same with yourself. You do not believe me? Try, just to see.

It goes without saying that physical activity also plays a big role in your well-being, both physical and mental. And it is not necessarily a question of weight! Indeed, sport offers beneficial effects on both mood and self-confidence. So why deny it? Without further delay, select an activity that will allow you to move regularly and you will quickly realize its benefits.

Finally, remember that being good about yourself has nothing to do with the ideals of others or the images offered in magazines. This well-being begins within you . This is why it is essential to remember that you cannot please everyone. Simply be yourself!

What actions do you take on a daily basis to feel better about yourself? Share your tips with us!


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