4 tips for storing your boots without damaging them

Storing your boots is not always easy. How do you make sure that they keep their shape well, that they do not bend and that they always stay well supported even when you do not wear them for several months? We are here to help you ! We give you 4 tips to successfully store your boots without damaging them.


By Akash Burman

This is a problem that you must have encountered if you have already purchased high boots or waders : difficult to store them without damaging them. As the upper part of these boots does not hold on its own, it will naturally bend when it is not held. Enough to create particularly unsightly crease marks on the boots and thus make them lose their splendor.

It is then necessary to resort to specific storage solutions that will ensure that our beloved tall boots remain in perfect condition. Let us share some of them with you!

1) Fill and pad the boots to maintain their shape

So that the boots can be permanently maintained and that they stand well without bending, you can use shoe trees to slip into the boots . These are precisely designed to ensure the maintenance of the shoe and equipped with a handle to succeed in removing them easily.

You can also opt for more artisanal solutions: stuff the bundles with newspaper, cardboard, rolled up magazines or even swimming pool fries cut to the right height!

2) Store the boots in their box

When buying boots, try to always keep their original box . Since they are custom made and designed for your pair of boots, this is one of the easiest and most effective ways to store them. All you have to do is put the boots back flat and close them inside the box when you are not wearing them.

This solution will also allow you to protect the shoes from dust and mold.
You can do the same with large plastic boxes .


To avoid damaging your boots, you have to learn how to store them


Ultra practical as a solution!

3) Hang your boots on hangers

Why not hang your boots on a rack? Nothing could be simpler: just invest in hangers with clips like those used for pants or skirts . You can then use it to hang your boots on a bar added halfway up in your closet or dressing room. This way you can be sure they won’t bend.

4) Buy or make a boot rack

There are special storage for boots on the market. These structures allow you to put your shoes on and keep them upright. By diverting everyday objects, it is also possible to make a very clever boot organizer. All you need to do is a wooden board and a few stakes long enough to make a homemade storage rack for your boots.

Other little tips by the way: if you plan to store your boots for a long time, always remember to clean the sole well and to slip a small deodorant in each boot to prevent bad odors.

This should ensure that you never let your boots get damaged again! Don’t thank us!

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