Beauty: The 10 most effective anti-aging cosmetics: an alternative to botox – 2021

Injection of botulinum toxin is medical-aesthetic non – invasive procedures most commonly used in Spain and the world to fight against wrinkles, according to data from the Congress of Medicine and Surgery aesthetics IMCAS, one of the most prestigious international .

Putting Botox costs about 300 EUR for one area and lasts 3-9 months, depending on the treated muscle strength and how each woman gestures. Remember that over 40 muscles are involved in our facial expressions every day!

If you’re not friends with Botox …


However, there are a large number of women who are unable to bear the sight of a needle, who are joined by those who are afraid of losing their natural facial expression, those who cannot afford that financial expense or those who give up according to regular treatment to feel beautiful.

If you are among them, today there are many cosmetics based on various active ingredients that offer a lightening effect of tightening the skin which, although transient, becomes a worthy plan B for antibotox. Want to know what they are and how they work?

1. Argireline, botoxul soar

Known as Botox light, it is a peptide composed of proteins that revolutionizes cosmetics due to its high anti-aging power and its ability to fill wrinkles. It is the current alternative to microinjections because it modulates both sides of the muscle contraction process, preventing facial expression lines. Argireline works on the same protein complex as botulinum toxin, but inhibits muscle contraction without paralyzing it. In this sense, the laboratories are taking giant steps; as Prima-Derm, which managed to destabilize the SNARE complex, involved in muscle stimulation.

2. Bee venom extract

Kate Middleton herself was the one who made it fashionable based on it as a prenuptial flash treatment. The history of this therapy is associated with the Austrian physician Philip Terc, who accidentally discovered its healing power. After being attacked by a swarm, he discovered that rheumatoid arthritis was improving. Its anti-inflammatory power , 100 times higher than cortisone, makes it an excellent pre and postoperative treatment, and its action to promote circulation has an effect on the face which owes the nickname “natural botox”.


3. Dragon’s blood

Not. It is not a new ingredient extracted from the Game of Thrones series , but an active principle that is obtained from the red sap of an African tree so named. Its antioxidant activity is 20 times higher than that of vitamin C, and its anti-inflammatory power reduces redness and blemishes, as well as an excellent healing agent. In contact with the skin, it forms a protective film that protects it against environmental damage.

4. Snake venom

The cosmetics industry is now turning its attention to the animal and plant kingdom to find formulas that respond to this type of consumer who seeks a strong flash effect without resorting to “puncture”. To this end, some companies have worked with the peptide Syn-ake, which mimics the paralyzing effect of a species of snake: the temple viper. It is part of the botox-like proteins, which work by reducing the lines of expression in the mouth, forehead and around the eyes caused by repetitive movements of the facial muscles.

5. Hydroxy acids

They are active ingredients that can gently exfoliate the skin to get rid of impurities. They provide more light and make the products that are applied later more effective. The most common are glycolic, tartaric, lactic, malic and citrus. They are included in a small concentration to provide an easy peeling action every day.


6. Hyaluronic acid

Imagine an arid landscape with cracks. This is what happens to the skin when it lacks water. If it is not well hydrated, wrinkles are more easily placed. To combat it, hyaluronic acid is the most popular active ingredient in recent years due to its innate ability to retain water. There is a lot of talk now about hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights. What does it mean? When its weight is small, it passes through the skin filling from the inside. And if it is high, it stays on the surface of the skin, avoiding water loss. Ideally, use a mixture of both.

7. Caffeine

Although it is usually present in body formulas, laboratories also include it in facial cosmetics when trying to benefit from its drainage action and microcirculatory stimulating capacity. We find it especially in the eye contours, because it is able to decongest the area, offering an interesting anti-fatigue effect.

8. Cereal proteins

Wheat, soy and rice. Its proteins are high tensors of natural cosmetics, which is why they have also been called lifting proteins. They are able to fix instantly on the surface of the skin to produce that feeling of stretching that lasts up to 8 hours. Most flash ampoules that we use on special occasions contain some of these ingredients, which also have the power to retain skin moisture and increase its brightness.


9. Vitamin C

She is the queen of antioxidants. So much so that every time a new asset of this family arrives on the market, its guarantee of efficiency is always measured in relation to this great giant of anti-aging beauty, essential for the growth and repair of tissues. The skin comes to life when it receives a topical dose of this legendary vitamin, able to recover a tired face in an instant. For example, an excellent trick to restore the freshness of your face after a long night is to mix a cosmetic product (one ampoule is ideal) based on vitamin C with another with a protein tightening effect. It does not fail, the revitalizing effect is immediate.

10. Retinol

Creams that contain this ingredient, which belongs to the family of retinoids (derived from vitamin A), have an extraordinary ability to activate cell renewal, which guarantees you a “holiday face” throughout the year. It is a multifunctional anti-aging ingredient that stimulates the production of collagen and the synthesis of new dermal fibers, which soften the skin and refine wrinkles. But it is also able to fight stains (inhibits melanin production) and provide brightness. Choose cosmetics that contain it encapsulated, which means that it releases its power in a progressive and constant way.

And recently, the Botox gel

Without needles and with the same effect. Women who are reluctant to fight, but who would like to try the Botox effect, now have the opportunity to try it in gel. It is also applied in consultation and must be done by an esthetician. The effect is visible after 3 days and lasts just under 3 months. Dr. Ricardo Ruiz, head of dermatology at the Ruber Clinic in Madrid, warns that “at the moment it is approved only for the treatment of cock feet”.


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